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  • Chloroprene rubber sheeting

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    Chloroprene rubber sheeting are made from mixed styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and chloroprene rubber (CR). Thanks to this special construction they offer a range of functional qualities. Chloroprene rubber sheets are used as an insulator and a protective coating in touch with less aggressive oils and other chemical fluids. Their increased resistance to heat aging and ozone of low concentration allows to use them in outdoor applications.

    Technical parameters

    Hardness: from 50 to 85 °Sh
    Concentration of CR: 6 or 12 %
    Temperature range: from –30 to 100°C
    Available in roll and sheet
    Thickness: from 1 to 50 mm

    More details of our Chloroprene rubber sheeting are available in Technical parameters and PDF materials tabs. 
    1. Chloroprene rubber sheeting
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