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  • Ramp rubber flooring

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    Rubber flooring RAMP has a surface with longitudinal strips with 8 mm in height and 24 mm in width. The bottom surface has a textile imprint on it for better adhesive properties. Mainly, RAMP is applying to allow animals to move safely around the ramp of the trailer or other similar applications.

    Depending on the properties of the rubber floor, we can distinguish a few types of rubber flooring:

    • general use mats for indoor application

    • oil-resistant

    • weather-resistant for outdoor application

    • electrical insulating

    Rubber flooring can be installed in the following way:

    • spread freely - without gluing to solid surface e.g. concrete, wood, metal, etc.

    • glued to the surface of adhesives for rubber flooring or other recommended by glue manufacturers.

    It is advisable to spread rubber flooring before gluing and leave them to spread freely for several days for better adhering to the surface. The surface intended for gluing rubber flooring should be prepared according to general methods of gluing (important rule: the surface mu be cleaned and degreased) or according to detailed instructions provided by glue manufacturers.
    1. Ramp rubber flooring
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